About B4S

B4S was the realization that there was so much waste from the care packages being sent with loads of random stuff, from well wishing charities & from friends and family of service men and women.

While some personnel received very few or no care packages, others received loads, which were full of items they didn't need or want and with the charities doing a wonderful job, trying to bringing joy to military personnel, nevertheless the care packages were full of items that were not actually needed, but they were grateful for people thinking about them.

Thinking of the British Forces Post Office (BFPO), waste needs to be reduced and drastically. When British forces personnel are serving in places such as Afghanistan, everything has to be flown in and all rubbish that cannot be burnt has to be flown out.  There is the other problem, when too much 'stuff' irrelevant or not needed care package items become part of the trash that needs to be incinerated, adding to the smoke and work of the personnel having to deal with this task. So came the concept behind Boxes for Soldiers or B4S as we refer to it as B4S is for all military personnel including the Royal Air Force, Royal Navy & Royal Marines etc.

How does B4S work

The Unique Benefits of B4S

B4S is the only website/ mobile app in the world to offer a 'stock controlled' list of your needs and wants.

With over 9,000 products supplied and updated with support from Tesco supermarket (we have edited it to reduce irrelevant products).

Select required date, quantity and whether you need an item once like a torch or frequently like batteries.

Only get what you actually need, less random 'stuff' which you don't have any use for.

Supporting the BFPO (British Forces Post Office) not sending loads of things that are not required, like chocolate to Afghanistan in summer!

Personnel with limited contact outside of the military simply add & share your wishlist so charities, schools, youth organizations, companies & religious groups can show their support.

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