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Adopt a Squaddie/ British Soldier

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Do you want to directly support a soldier, sailor or Airman/ woman? Get in touch with us and find out how you can help. You want to support our military personnel but don’t have any friends or relatives that are in the armed forces, but would like to send a personalized care package to someone as a thank you for all the sacrifices that they give to keep us safe, then enter your details below.

We will always try to link soldiers and benefactors according to military personnel’s home location outside of the military (their home towns, where given). If you are in the British Army we would always try to connect you to an Army cadets from your home town or city and similarly with Navy to Sea Cadets and RAF to Air Cadets. If you have a specific religion we would obviously link you with the relevant religious order. Obviously if you have preferences to maybe once being in the Scouts etc we will register your preferences.

Adopt-Me Find Supporters, Make Friends & get Care Packages

All military personnel can be adopted, soldier, sailor or Aviators. Login, build a wishlist & share on your & our social media plus be put on our adopt me page.

Adopt-Me, a way to get support, make friends and know that you are genuinely respected, by going to our shopping catalogue, listing the groceries you actually need and letting well wishers send you goodie boxes as a care package to you with what you actually need.

British military personnel, can register to be 'adopted' ( just a fun way to say make new friends), login to B4S today, it’s completely free to use. Simply add items from the 9,000+ supermarket products or add your own, then share on social media or let us share on our Facebook pages and other social media platforms as well as listing you on our soon to be developed adoption board, here on the B4S website and mobile apps.

B4S puts you in control of what you need, how many of an item you want & how frequently you need more, all you need to do is share your wish list and let the care package start coming.

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