What is B4S

The Boxes for Soldiers idea started its development several years ago, we realised there was something missing, yes there were forums and blogs with lists of what you can send and wonderful charities collecting ‘stuff’ on those lists to randomly send to serving military personnel around the world, but nobody was willing to spend the time and money developing what everyone really needed.

We have something really special and we are offering it completely free to use, our only income is from advertising so please support our sponsors.

Helping you to support our service personnel while they are away from home.


Supporting our Military

Friends & family simply login, see the list of their friend & select the items you plan to send, they get the list & know whats on its way, its that simple.

Choose your own wish lists

As Service a person, you will prepare a list of your needs and wants from your family, friends or adoptive groups, use our sponsors lists or add your own.

Tescos database of products to use!

To help you we have Tescos entire (edited) list of products & others sponsors, to help you, but you can add anything you want, remember it is your list.

Control what your friends send

Our 'stock control' lets you put how many of an item you need & how regular you need them sending & stops them if you are being sent too much.