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Boxes for soldiers was founded in 2015, we are eager to help soldiers . We have created an app to help you send goods to your loved ones.

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Adopt a soldier with B4S?

If you love the concept but you don’t have any one who is able/willing to send goods to you, there are a lot of others who will be willing to help you. Click on adopt me here and we will find someone for you .

Support the Cause

Military supports us in the times of peace and war, it’s time that we return the favor. Do this by joining B4S.

Boxes for soldiers is the realization of an idea that military soldiers needs our support when they are away from home. So signup to send them care packages
You just have to tell us where your loved ones are stationed in the whole world and we will take care of the logistics.
B4S operated in both local areas and in all other countries where our soldiers reside. So whether they are in middle east of Africa we have got it covered.
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