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What is B4S

The idea started its development several years ago, we realised there was something missing, yes there are forums & blogs with basic lists of what you can send & wonderful charities collecting ‘stuff’ on those lists to randomly send to serving military personnel around the world, but nobody was willing to spend the time and money developing what everyone really needed.

We think B4S is something really special & it is completely FREE for all to use.  We also think the British Forces Post Office (BFPO), will find there is far less waste as your friends, family, supporters and even those charities will be able to use this site, to send out what military personnel actually need.

Your Friends & Family will get a free Pdf

Download, email or print the list & pre-printed BFPO address

Carepackage Shopping List

As a member of the British Armed Forces, you simply login, setup your account & add the items you need or want, then fill out the BFPO address details & share your wishlist with your friends & family, its that simple.

As a friend, supporter or family member of someone in the British Army, Royal Navy or the Royal Air Force, we have made supporting them easy. You just need to register & connect with your friend(s) in the British Military & select the items you wish to send, then press download the Pdf button.

By printing the Pdf, you can use it to go shopping, ticking off the items you have brought. Pop everything in a box, fold the list & simply tape it to the box with all the goodies inside, then drop it off at the post office, we hope its that easy for you.

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Helping you to support British service men & women while they are away from home.