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B4S Military Carepackages What is B4S & how can it help me?

Whether you are in the Royal Navy, Royal Air Force or the British Army & receive or would like to be sent care packages from friends, family or supporters, then please register, login and go through our shopping list (fully live with the Tesco database) select the items you need or would like and even give the frequency you might need something or the quantity or even specific dates you need something and then save them all to your profile. The next step is to share B4S with friends and relatives, by email or on Facebook, Twitter or any social media platform and let them login and see your list. Once they login, your friends and relations can see your list and choose which items they plan to send you, you then get a message and they get a pdf to download/ printout to go buy, box and send you all the goodies you require. Yes it is that simple. Our aim is to simplify the British Forces Post Office (BFPO) & make sending and receiving carepackages easy.


Gum (periodontal) health is all about keeping the foundations of your mouth in good shape. The periodontal tissues include the gum tissues you see in your mouth, the elastic fibres which hold the gum tightly around the teeth. These fibres go between the gum and the underlying bone which holds the teeth in the jawbone. These fibres absorb the forces and act as cushioning when we eat, chew, clench and grind our teeth. The biggest difference between a natural tooth and a dental implant is that these ‘cushioning’ fibres aren’t present. The implant is placed directly into the jaw bone with the gum around the tooth acting as a collar around the crown part of the implant. This is why oral hygiene to control the bacterial plaque biofilm especially around the gum line, is key to both gum and implant health. It is the door for bacteria in the plaque biofilm to get under the gum margins and breakdown gum tissue and bone which can result in tooth and implant loss. Healthy gums don’t bleed.

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B4S is a completely FREE way to support British Military personnel, plus friends & relations sending you care packages.

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